About us

"There must be a better way", this simple thought for a long time bothered Haim Sakal Bismart creator and CEO armed with almost 20 years of experience working with leading law enforcement agencies government agencies and law firms he could not understand why when it comes to digital investigation tend to accept limitation we would not accept in other technologies like document management or communication or evet more difficult tasks like navigation. He understood this field is unique in cooping with a huge amount of data that can be anything some are structure or unstructured and some can be deleted, encrypted or unknown, nevertheless, to our perspective, those are challenges that the market is cooping with for years in an effective way, where we found the gap is that in order to achieve that you need to use multiple tools that most of them are not very effective.  

Bismart bridge this gap by providing an easy to use platform that incorporates multiple tools including digital investigation and digital forensics platform and an end to end Ediscovery, to one solution.  Bismart team stood up to the challenge by embracing advance future proof architecture that will provide the flexibility and scalability that require in order that the platform will be able to stand to the highest challenges in providing access to the digital evidence to non-technical people and highly technical experts on the same platform and change to a better way.