Bismart helps you manage your on-site collection and Remote Collection.


Bismart allows multiple reviewers to investigate various evidence in a unified and easy to use interface


Bismart platform allows multiple reviewer investigate multiple evidence in unified and easy to use interface


Bismart advanced case management allows you to manage your case and track your insights progress.


Bismart can produce one  report from multipal evidence and reduce the time and efforts.


Why Bismart

Process data according to your needs, not limited to your tools.
Distribute digital evidence content to any size of teams.

Set your quality standards and systematically control them!



Bismart Technologies builds on three main concepts: microservices, containers, and Kobernetiks technologies that allow us to provide one flexible and scalable platform to answer our client's needs on-premises or on the cloud. This technology will enable us to become the most advance digital forensic and eDiscovery platform. 

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Easy to use

One of the most significant challenges in technology is how to provide a robust system with many features and keep an easy-to-use interface. Bismart stands to this challenge by using a variety of interface customization, pre-configured tasks, and native views. 

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Future Proof

Bismart platform provides peace of mind, not only that you use the recent technologies that will stay relevant for a long time, but you can also grow quickly with no effort. Even more, Bismart provides effective change management by allowing you to change the processing engine without any other change or training. 

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We understand that different organization coop with different needs, Bismart provide an extensive set of tools providing you the flexibility and customization to tailor the platform to your needs. You can extend the flexibility by using our API.



Control every aspect of your project.
Set your quality standards and systematically control it


Law Enforcement

Bismart's rich experience in working with leading law enforcement agencies allows us to understand the unique requirements of law enforcement and support their day to day tasks.



Bismart allows enterprises to manage and perform audits, internal and cyber investigations in one platform. As a result, preserve your know-how and increase your compliance.



Bismart Infrastructure allows us to provide the flexibility required by government agencies. Including big data analytics to evidence examination.



Bismart allows you to manage your cases, perform early case assessment, and document review in one easy-to-use platform. Bismart brings cost-effectiveness to the next level.



Multiple products make Bismart one unified platform

Analysing Data

Big Data Analysis

The amount of data we need to understand is skyrocketing. Bismart allows search cross-case or the entire dataset and provide effective analytics to increase your confidence.

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Bismart understands that the legal market evolves law firm is moving from using a tool that assists them on demand, to using a platform that provides more value continuously.

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Digital Forensic

Bismart raised the bar by providing multiple people working on numerous evidence processed by multiple engines in one easy to use interface while keeping the integrity.

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Case Management

The value of case management is evident. However, the ability to correlate the case management with the data from the digital evidence makes us unique. 



Bismart provides an end-to-end solution as a shelf product or tailor-made to the customer's needs and includes advanced Case management and the ability to dive into the investigation platform from the same interface.

Bismart combines ease of use, speed, case and team management, and an in-depth digital forensic investigation.

Bismart focused on the user and committed to providing a wide range of tools to manage your cases and complete your investigations quickly, accurately, and efficiently. In addition, Bismart delivers an intuitive interface that allows you to understand and locate the relevant pieces of evidence quickly.


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